This Update Includes:

  • Improves Parking mode functionality
  • Fixes an issue with HDMI output
  • Addition of Lane Departure
  • Addition of Forward Collision Warning


Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


README.txt ........... Installation Instructions
SD_CarDV.bin ........ Firmware file

This firmware update should ONLY be applied to model CDR895D. MAKE SURE you check your model number before proceeding!


  1. Turn off the dash cam.
  2.  Connect the dash cam to the computer with the USB cable.  Be sure to use the short data cable (not the long power cable).
  3.  A menu should appear on the dash cam.  Press the ENTER button (far right button) to choose "Connect to Computer".
  4.  A USB symbol should appear on the dash cam and the computer should recognize the dash cam as a mass storage device.
  5.  On the computer, open COMPUTER or MY COMPUTER and find the dash cam under "Devices with removeable storage".
  6.  Double-click on the dash cam.  You should see a folder called DCIM. Do not proceed unless you see the DCIM folder.
  7.  Drag and drop the SD_CarDV.bin file onto the dash cam.  Be sure to drop the file onto a blank area, do not drop the file onto the DCIM folder.
  8.  Press and hold the power button in the upper-right corner to turn off the dash cam.  Do not unplug the USB cable.
  9.  Press the power button in the upper-right corner to turn the dash cam back on.  An "Update Firmware" menu should appear.
  10. Press the ENTER button (far right button) to choose "Yes".
  11. The firmware will be updated, after which the dash cam will turn off.
  12. After the dash cam turns off, press the power button in the upper-right corner to turn it back on.
  13. You should again see the "Update Firmware" menu.  Scroll down to "Delete" and press the ENTER button.

This completes the update.  You may unplug the USB cable.


  • If a menu does not appear in step 3, make sure you are using the short data cable.  The long USB cable is only for powering the dash cam and it cannot be used for transferring files on a computer.
  • If the "Update Firmware" menu does not appear in step 9, make sure that you copy the SD_CarDV.bin file to the root of the dash cam.  If the firmware file is placed inside a folder then it will not be found.
  • If the "Update Firmware" menu appears every time the dash cam is turned on, then you have not deleted the SD_CarDV.bin file.  Please perform step 13 above.