CDR 820

My CDR 820 doesn't rewrite over old footage. It says memory card full.
Having the video-clip-time-setting set to "X" instead of 5 or 10 minutes will cause it do this when the memory card reaches it's capacity.
Can I use the CDR 820 like a "GoPro" camera?
No. The CDR 820 is a dashboard camera. It must be kept away from the elements of nature.
Does the CDR 820 start recording automatically as soon as it has power?
Yes. The CDR 820 is set at the factory to start recording automatically as soon as it receives power. However, this setting can be changed in the menu.
I want to purchase a replacement SD card. What type should I get?
Please note, you may use a standard SD card. However, for best video quality, we recommend using Class 6 or Class 10 SD cards.