CDR 840

How to set date/time?
1. Tap OK once to stop recording mode. 2. Tap Menu button once. 3. Tap down arrow once to highlight "General Settings" and Tap OK once to access...
How to delete protected files?
1) Tap OK once to stop recording mode. 2) Tap Mode (M) button twice to see the list of recorded video files. 3) Tap Menu button once to access Playback me...
How do I stop and start recording video?
Press the OK button. The Red Record Dot starts flashing or stops flashing, and the record duration changes to display total time recorded.
Can I power up and record with my CDR 840 using a USB cable?
Yes, however it must be plugged into a (5V,1A ) mini USB "power cord" in the vehicle or a USB charge block on the wall outlet . The camera will no...
Why does my dash cam say 'SD card full' when I have it set to 'loop record'?
That may be a problem with the SD card, or the user may be locking files manually by tapping on the orange button which caused the SD card to get full of lo...
How can I playback my recordings on a different device such as an iPad, tablet, or Netbook?
Video footage can be viewed by either of the following: USB port, HDMI port, or SD card slot.
Can I hardwire the CDR 840?
The camera operates on 5V,1A. It is recommended to power it using the included power cord. However, you may also operate it using an aftermarket mini USB wi...
What is the difference between 'Auto Power Off' and 'Idle Power Off'?
Auto power off is when the camera shuts off after losing power to it. (Turning engine off) Idle power off is when the camera is turned ON, but not recordi...
How can I use the dash cam as a PC camera?
It requires having a video chat application such as Skype installed and running on your computer.
How can I play back my recordings on the dash cam and delete them?
Please refer to page 9 of the owner's manual.