1) Tap OK once to stop recording mode.

2) Tap Mode (M) button twice to see the list of recorded video files.

3) Tap Menu button once to access Playback menu.

4)Tap on down arrow twice, select the "Protect" option and press OK to see the 4 protect icons listed in the order below.

Protect a file.

Un-protect a file.

Protect ALL files.

Un-protect ALL files.

5) Tap down arrow 3 times to select the "Unprotect ALL" files option.

6) Tap OK once. To un-protect video files, simply tap OK two more times. To unprotect picture files, select the picture camera icon then tap OK twice.

7) Tap the UP arrow to select "Delete" option then press OK.

8) Tap down arrow once to delete (ALL files). Press OK 3 times to delete video files.

9) Tap Menu once button to exit Playback menu.

10) Tap Mode button twice to return to Video Recording screen.