AT&T HARMAN Spark Basics

Where can I download the HARMAN Spark App?
You can download the Spark app from the App Store or Google Play by searching for HARMAN Spark.
Is a data plan required to use Spark?
Is my vehicle compatible with Spark?
Most 1996 and newer vehicles are compatible with Spark. There are some exceptions, including electric and hybrid vehicles. Please visit Compatibility Check...
Can I view the driving history of family members?
Yes. You can view their history - including destinations, hard braking events, trip time and distance, amount of fuel used, and driving score - in the Spark...
Can I use the Spark device anywhere other than in my vehicle?
No. Plugging the Spark device into anything other than the OBD II port in your vehicle will void the warranty and violate the Terms of Service.
Can I have multiple users on the same Spark device?
Each Spark device can only be used in one car at a time; however multiple users can access information in the Spark app.
Can I plug the Spark device into a different vehicle?
Yes, as long as the vehicle is compatible with Spark. 
Does my phone have to be in the car for Spark to work?
Most Spark features will work if your phone isn't in the car.  However, emergency crash assistance will not be able to reach you if your phone is not in...
Does Spark work outside the United States?
Spark works in Mexico and Canada on a temporary roaming basis. However, certain features may not be available while roaming outside the United States.
Does Spark work if someone else drives my vehicle?
Yes. Spark works no matter who is driving the vehicle.