This information only applies to RAD Series detectors, including the RAD700i, RAD480i, RAD450, RAD380, and the RAD350. Please check your vehicle owner's manual or contact your vehicle manufacturer to ensure that the below options will work for you.

The only officially supported power supply for the RAD Series is the Straight Power Cord, included with each detector.

IMPORTANT: While customers have reported success with these alternatives, we cannot endorse the use of 3rd party equipment. All information hereafter is strictly for educational purposes. Cedar Electronics takes no responsibility for any 3rd party equipment used, and use of these solutions may void your warranty if they damage your unit.

Note: The USB port on your detector is for data only and will not be able to power the device. Our radar detectors require a minimum of 5V and 2A to work.

USB Adapter

Currently there is no agreed-upon industry standard for USB Power in vehicles, however a common solution is USB Male to 12V Female barrel socket adapters which allow you to plug the detector's included 12V DC cable into an adapter. There are also USB to 12V DC adapter cables that replace our power cable system and plug directly into the vehicle's USB and the detector's 12V DC port.

Mirror/Pigtail Tap

A mirror-tap or pigtail tap is a small length of wire with a 12V DC connector on one end, and two bare wires on the other end. These are often bundled with mirror mounts kits but can be found a la carte. Not every vehicle has a powered mirror, and for those that do installation usually requires professional installation due to the mirror's design.

12V Extension Cable

If you have a 12V port that is not near the driver, you might find that a 12V extension cable is your best solution as long as you tuck the wire away to keep it from being an entanglement hazard.