If you're not getting a Picture-in-Picture view of your rear camera upon booting your camera, follow the guidelines here to check that your physical connection is working correctly.

  1. Reboot the camera. Picture-in-Picture is the default view on bootup and will revert to this setting regardless of how you had it set the previous session.
  2. Make sure that your rear camera cable is firmly plugged in to the rear camera's USB port.
  3. Inspect the cable for any damage, including sharp bends, breaks, fraying, pinch or crush damage.
  4. Ensure that you're plugging the rear camera into the left-hand side for the SC200D. The SC400D can plug into the left side or the top.
  5. When you plug the rear camera cable into the camera, it may feel like it made a solid connection, but it may not have actually engaged. Apply a little more pressure to ensure that the plug sinks all the way into the port.
    • On the left-side port, pushing in a bit more may cause the plug to sink in a bit more.
    • On top of the SC400, the plug casing should be flush with the top of the camera.
  6. If the connection is solid and you have voice commands enabled, try speaking clearly the command "Rear Video On" and check if that shows you the rear camera's view.
  7. Ensure that your firmware is up to date by vising the Firmware Updates page: Firmware Updates 

Diagrams of the expected setup are available in the manual and the Quick Start guide. If you do not have your Quick Start guide, or you need your manual, please consult our Manuals page: Product Help/Manuals 

If you're still having difficulties with your rear camera, you can contact Support via the phone number listed at the top of the Cobra website, or by clicking the chat icon on the Cobra website, or by opening a ticket here: Repair Information