Current model dash cameras offer Parking Mode.  Parking Mode uses the Motion Sensor and G-Sensor to monitor while your vehicle is parked. The idea is that when you are parked, the dash cam will be “sleeping”, but it will monitor surroundings for motion along with G-Sensor impacts. 

If it detects motion or if it detects an impact, then the unit will wake up and start recording. The camera will enter parking mode after 5 minutes. If there is no motion is during this period, the display will turn off and the recording will stop (the camera monitors for g-sensor impacts or motion). If motion is detected or if a G-sensor impact above Level 1 is triggered, the unit will wake up and start saving 1 minute clips for as long as activity is being detected. 


  • Parking Mode only works properly if the dash cam is powered. Either the Cigarette Lighter Socket must remain on when the ignition is off, or the dash cam must be hardwired to a constant power source.
  •  If leaving your vehicle off for more than 48 hours (or less if your battery is old) please use the “Auto Surveillance Shutoff” setting to set a time-limit on Parking Mode and prevent your battery from being drained. • You can choose to have your camera monitor for impacts and/or motion by controlling the ‘Parking Mode’ and ‘Motion Detection’ settings separately. 
  • If you park where there is lots of activity which keeps triggering the motion sensor, then the unit might never time out and enter the sleep state. (You can use the “Auto Surveillance Shutoff” setting to prevent unnecessary recording).

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