Via App 

Simply connect your camera to the Drive Smarter app and the app will check if there is an update available for your camera. From there you will be asked to update and can push update firmware to your camera straight from your app. 


  • View the current firmware version under the About menu item on the Dash Cam
    • Stop loop recording
    • Press the MENU button, cursor down to the ABOUT item
    • Note the firmware version shown on the screen 
  • Connect the Dash Cam to your computer using the included USB to Micro-USB cable. 
  • The camera will be listed in Windows Explorer/Finder. 
  • Download the update file from and save it to your computer. It will end with “.bin” as the file extension. Note: You do not need to double click or open this file on the computer. 
  • Copy/paste or drag the update file you downloaded .bin file into the root directory of the Camera’s SD Card (by root directory we mean directly onto the SD card, do not place into a folder such as 'Normal' or 'Events')
  • Wait for the file to transfer and then safely disconnect the Dash Cam from the computer. The Dash Cam will turn off.
  • Plug the Micro USB cord into a reliable power source such as your home’s outlet or your vehicle’s CLA adapter. The Dash Cam will turn on and automatically boot into the Firmware Update Menu.
  • Follow the directions on the camera display to update firmware if the unit has one. Units without displays will update automatically. You will see blinking LED's when the FW update is installing
  • You can check if your camera is up to date by checking the firmware in your camera’s ‘About’ setting submenu in the camera or via the app.