If you see a message that the memory card is full, then it will be necessary to delete files from the memory card. The only reason for the memory card to fill up is if numerous files are marked as “protected”.  A protected file will never be overwritten and will permanently consume memory space.  If enough files are marked as protected, there might not be sufficient room to record new video.

There are only three ways a file can be marked as protected:

If you press the orange button will video is recording, then the current video clip will be marked as protected. This feature only protects the current video file. If you access the menu from Playback Mode, there is an option to protect files. If the G-sensor detects an impact, then the current video file will be automatically protected.

How to empty the memory card:

NOTE:  If there are any files that you would like to keep, then copy them to a computer before proceeding.

Access the Setup Menu by pressing the MENU button 2 times.  The wrench icon at the top of the display should be highlighted. Scroll down to “Format” and press the orange button. Highlight “OK” and press the orange button. Press the Menu button when formatting is done. The memory has now been cleared and you should be able to record new video.