The Setup Menu can be accessed by pressing the MENU button 2 times so that the wrench icon at the top of the display is highlighted.
NOTE:  The Setup Menu is not accessible while a video is being recorded.


Flips the image.  This is handy if you turn the camera around so that it is facing rearward.


Lets you set the date and time.

Auto Power Off

If the CDR810 senses that the power is disconnected, it assumes that the engine has stopped running.  It will automatically power down after the selected timeout.  Please note that if the cigarette socket stays live even when the key is not in the ignition then Auto Power Off will not work properly.

Beep Sound

Keypress beep


There are 10 languages to choose from


Volume level can be adjusted from 0 – 8


50Hz (used in Europe)
60Hz (used in the USA)

TV Mode

PAL (used in Europe)
NTSC (used in the USA)

Default Setting

Load factory default settings


Format the SD card (all data will be erased)


Blanks the screen after the designated timeout.

Auto Record

When set to ON, the CDR810 will automatically start recording when it is turned on.

Light Set

Turn on/off the IR LEDs.  There are four infrared LEDs around the camera lens for providing night illumination.  They are not visible to the naked eye.  A star/moon icon at the top of the display indicates that the LEDs are enabled.

The IR LEDs can also be turned on and off by tapping the power button.


Shows the firmware version.