These options can be accessed by pressing the MENU button while in Camera Mode.

Capture Mode

This lets you set a delay timer.  After pressing the shutter button there will be a delay before the snapshot is taken.


If turned OFF, the unit will take 1 picture every time you press the shutter button.  If turned ON, the unit will take a sequence of 5 snapshots in quick succession. 


Lets you choose the picture resolution.  The higher the resolution, the more memory that is used per snapshot.


Lets you set the picture quality.  The higher the level, the more memory that is used per snapshot.


Adjusts the sharpness of snapshots.

White Balance

Can be adjusted depending on the light source.  This setting affects color accuracy.


Higher numbers are for low light situations but image quality will be reduced.


Image stability

Date Stamp

You can choose whether to have a date stamp on the snapshot.