These options can be accessed by pressing the MENU button while in Video Mode.
NOTE:  The menu is not accessible while a video is being recorded.


Lets you choose the video format.


Adjusts the image light gain.

Cyclic Record

When recording video, the CDR 810 does not save one long video file.  Instead it records sequential video clips.  The “Cyclic Record” setting lets you choose the length of the video clips.  After the SD card is full, the oldest file will be deleted in order to save a new file.

If Cyclic Record is set to OFF then the unit will still maintain a cyclic record, but only consisting of four 10-minute video clips.  The entire memory space will not be utilized.

Motion Detection

This will turn on/off the motion sensor.  When the CDR810 detects motion in the filed of view, it will start recording.  The recording will stop if motion stops.


Allows you to enable/disable the microphone.  The microphone button provides the same functionality.

Date Stamp

You can decide whether to have a date stamp on the recorded video.


You can adjust the sensitivity of the G-sensor.  When the G-sensor is enabled, the CDR810 will permanently save the current video clip if an impact is detected.