NOTE:  It is not possible to enter Playback Mode while a video is being recorded.

Press the MODE button to Enter Playback Mode.  When the CDR310 is in Playback Mode, the upper left corner should show one of two icons, either:

  • The current file is a video
  • The current file is a snapshot

Press the DOWN button to view thumbnails of the available files.  Choose the desired file and then press the REC button.

To start and stop playback of a video, press the REC button.  While playing a video, press the UP / DOWN buttons to adjust the volume.

When viewing a snapshot, you can zoom in by pressing the UP button.  Press the DOWN button to zoom out.

To lock a file so that it never gets deleted:

Press the MENU button. Scroll to “Protect”. Press the REC button 2 times. Press the MENU button. A key icon appears at the top of the display.

To exit Playback Mode, press the MODE button.