Models: CPP 7500, CPP 7510, CPP 8000



The fuse can blow for any of the following reasons:


  • If the cables are accidentally shorted together.


  • If the engine is cranked for more than 3 seconds.


  • If the car draws too much power from the JumPack. This can happen for large engines, especially in cold weather. It can also happen with diesel engines due to the higher cranking power needed for diesels. It can also happen if the battery is extremely low or if the battery is defective.



To minimize the chance of the fuse blowing:


  1. Make sure the JumPack is fully charged.
  2. After connecting the JumPack to the battery, allow 2 minutes for power to transfer to the car battery before cranking the engine.
  3. Do not crank the engine for more than 3 seconds at a timeAllow a 1-minute cool- down between cranking attempts.