IntelliMute is a revolutionary patent-pending Cobra system that reduces needless alerts. Here's how it works:


  • Basically, the alternator and the spark plugs create noise pulses on the electrical system in your car. Your Cobra detector can read these pulses through the cigarette lighter and monitor the engine speed.


  • You can then program the detector for a particular engine speed.


  • If the speed is lower than your programmed setpoint, you don't get bothered by audio alerts (you will, however, still get visual alerts on the detector's display). Even if you're clocked by real police radar it doesn't matter, because you're not speeding. You don't need to be bothered by an audio alert.


  • If you drive faster and get above the setpoint, then you will get regular audio alerts.


The idea is to minimize alerts, so that your detector only beeps when it's really important.




  • We care about your safety! Please do not program IntelliMute while driving.


  • Trying to program speeds above 2000rpm may not work properly. The recommend range is between 1200 to 2000 rpm.


  • If you have trouble with IntelliMute, try programming a higher or lower rpm.


  • You may experience unexpected results as the overdrive of your transmission kicks in and out. When overdrive kicks in, the engine rpm may drop below the programmed rpm, and you will not get audio alerts. The engine rpm will also drop if you lift your foot off the accelerator and coast.


If you experience problems with IntelliMute, look carefully at the display. 

On models with a text display

  • If engine RPM is above setpoint, an arrow should be pointing up.


  • If engine RPM is below setpoint, an arrow should be pointing down.


  • If you do not see an arrow, IntelliMute is turned off.


On models without a text display


There is a city/highway indicator on the display (the display shows the letter 'c' or 'h'). Right at the bottom of the letter is a decimal point. The operation of the decimal point is as follows:


  • If engine RPM is above setpoint, the decimal point will flash.


  • If engine RPM is below setpoint, the decimal point will not flash.


  • If you don't see any decimal point, IntelliMute is turned off.

Taking note of the decimal point will confirm whether IntelliMute is functioning properly.


If IntelliMute is not working properly:


  • Make sure you have programmed the setpoint RPM properly, carefully following the procedure in the owners manual.


  • Try programming a different RPM (either higher or lower). IntelliMute works best within 1200 to 2000 RPM.


  • Not all cars are compatible with IntelliMute. Try the detector in another car. If it works properly then it is just not compatible with your car.


  • IntelliMute is not expected to work with diesel engines.