CDR 840

My dash cam powers off even when the power cord is connected, why?
1. Please make sure the power cord is properly inserted on both ends. You may try a different power cord for testing purposes to see if the problem is the c...
What size fuse does the power cord for the dash cams use?
1Amp fuse
I am looking for an AC adapter to use at home, what would be the volts/amps for the AC adaptor?
Cobra dash cams operate on 5VDC, 1A.
How can I play my videos from the CDR 840 on my PC or Mac?
Utilize the Cobra Drive HD Player for Windows, or a third party player for Mac.
What is the operating temperature of dash cams?
Operating temp -10°C to +60°C Storage temp -20°C to +60°C
What is the biggest size SD card I can use on my CDR 840?
32GB is the biggest size supported.
I want to purchase a replacement SD card. What type should I get?
Please note, you may use a standard SD card. However, for best video quality, we recommend using Class 6 or Class 10 SD cards.
What does it mean when the LED is Red/Green/Orange?
Green = Battery fully charged. Red = Battery is charging. Orange = Display is off but camera is still on ("Screen Saver" is enabled in the menu)
Why isn't my camera loop recording automatically?
The video clip time is probably set to (X). In order for it to loop, it MUST be set to 3,5 or 10 minutes. Check video settings.
Why is there a time lapse between video clips?
Motion detection is enabled. Please access General Settings menu and disable motion detection. The camera will record continuously without time lapses betwe...