CDR 900

Is a smart phone required in order to use my camera?
The CDR900 operates independently right out of the box. However in order to access advanced settings and features, the free Cobra DriveHD app on a smartphon...
Can I connect more than one camera to my smartphone?
You may connect up to 4 cameras to a single smartphone.
What is the largest microSD card I can use?
The CDR 900 can accept microSD cards up to 64GB in size.
How long is the recording time?
8GB - 2.1hrs 16GB - 4.2hrs 32GB - 8.4hrs 64GB - 16.8hrs
How long will the unit operate on internal battery power?
The CDR 900 records approximately 1.5 hours on internal battery power. In this mode the screen will go blank after 30 seconds to preserve battery life.
Does it record audio?
Yes, the CDR 900 records audio. Audio recording can be turned on and off. The default setting is ON.
How do I set the date and time?
Some settings are accessible only from the DriveHD app. In order to change the date/time and other advanced settings, please download the free Cobra DriveHD...
How can I reset my password?
A password can be assigned to the CDR 900 to prevent unauthorized access. The password is entered via the DriveHD app. If you forget the password, it can be...
Can I upload video footage to the internet directly from my camera?
It is not possible to stream video footage directly to the internet. The quickest option is to set the camera for "local connection" in which it w...
Can the CDR 900 be accessed remotely with the Cobra DriveHD app?
Yes. Cloud mode configures the camera so that it connects directly to a Wifi router. The video is then streamed to a server and can be viewed from anywhere ...