Drive Smarter is an app that you can download from the Play Store on Android devices, or from the App Store on iPhone. It allows you to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled radar detectors or cameras (such as the SC400/D, SC200/D, SC201, and SC100).

Why should I use Drive Smarter? What does it provide?

The app provides you with crowd-sourced Community Radar alerts from other drivers, locations of red light cameras, speed cameras, known speed traps, access to posted speed limits on many roads, speed-based alerts, and for the cameras, access to the gallery for playback of recorded footage.

Is Drive Smarter required for my RAD700i or RAD480i detector to function?

No. Drive Smarter is meant for convenience and adds in additional features, but it is not required for your radar detector to work. You can use it to change settings at your leisure, without having to use the buttons on the detector.

Is Drive Smarter required for my Dash Cam to function?

No. Drive Smarter is only required if you want to change the settings on the dash camera, or if you want to view the footage that your camera stores on its microSD card without having to connect the camera to a computer.

Can I use Drive Smarter with my RAD450, RAD380, or RAD350?

Yes, however due to these detectors lacking a Bluetooth chip, Drive Smarter can only be used as a companion app that functions alongside the detector. Drive Smarter will not be able to directly interface with the detectors to pass along alerts or change settings on the detector.

Do I get cloud storage with Drive Smarter?

Yes, all accounts receive 5GB of complementary cloud storage on 

Where can I download Drive Smarter?

For iOS the latest version can be downloaded [HERE]

For Android the latest version can be downloaded [HERE]