A complete guide to Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay

There are two possible screens when you open Drive Smarter on CarPlay.

  • A limited configurable screen that looks like this
  • Or your screen could look like this

Note: (If Drive Smarter is not listed in the gallery, then uninstall Drive Smarter from your phone and reinstall. Then sign in on the phone first.)

The App gallery at the bottom left corner of the screen will give you access to the CarPlay-enabled apps you have installed on your phone

If Drive Smarter is not already launched on CarPlay, please tap on this icon to find Drive Smarter

  • The initial screen of Drive Smarter on CarPlay will look like this
  1. Icons on the screen from top left to bottom right:
  2. Search/Destination input
  3. Map Orientation
  4. Traffic information On/Off Toggle
  5. Sound On/Off Toggle
  6. Free Roam Mode (Move the map around)
  7. Zoom In
  8. Zoom Out
  9. Report Button

When you tap the search/destination input button, you can select an existing category, use the microphone button to input a destination by voice, or use the keyboard icon to type in your destination.

  • Under Categories, you will find common local destinations like:
    • Gas Stations
    • Restaurants
    • And other points of interest.
  • The keyboard can only be used for entering a destination When not driving.

When you tap on the reporting button the following screen shows:

  • You will be able to report the following choices:
    • Police Spotted
    • Photo Enforcement
    • Caution Area
    • Traffic Jam
      • Some icons have a second selection of choices such as Police Enforcement for Stationtary Police or Moving Police.

When hit by a radar (picture shows a K-Band), you will get a popup alert in the app.

  • K and X bands are mandatory to indicate where police were spotted or not to be pushed as an alert for other drivers.
  • Lock Out locks out the signal.

When encountering a cloud alert, you get a different option, you can verify the alert with Verify Report or tap Not There to indicate the source is no longer there.

This influences the lifetime of the alert. The lifetime of the alert also results in different colors indicating its quality and trustworthiness.

For Laser, Ka, and other types of alerts it works similarly. These alerts are pushed to the cloud immediately to be pushed to other drivers for them to verify if it is still there or not.

Important Notes

These are important notes when troubleshooting Apple CarPlay

  1. Connecting a camera to Drive Smarter:
    • Apple CarPlay does not support Gallery/Live View while connected wirelessly. To connect to the Gallery/Live View in Drive Smarter, you would either disconnect from CarPlay or use a USB to connect to CarPlay.

  2. Can you change the settings for a detector on CarPlay?
    • Apple CarPlay does not currently have any features that allow you to change the settings on a radar detector. CarPlay is purely taking Drive Smarter's navigational experience and Defender Database/Live alerts on a larger, more convenient screen.