A Few Rules You Should Know:

  1. Conversations cannot last more than 5 minutes with another station. A one minute break is required to let others use the channel.
  2. You cannot blast others off the air by use of illegally amplified transmitters or illegally high antennas.
  3. You cannot use CB to promote illegal activities.
  4. Profanity is not allowed.
  5. You may not transmit music with a CB.
  6. Selling of merchandise and/or services is prohibited.

Set Channel 9 For Emergencies

Be sure antenna is properly connected.

CB Distress Data

When transmitting an emergency, you should request a “REACT BASE” and provide the CB

distress data (called CLIP):

Call Sign Identify yourself.

Location Be exact.

Injuries Number. Type. Trapped?

Problem Give details and help needed.

Transmit CLIP repeatedly so any monitor can assist.

NOTE: If no response on channel 9, try channels 19 or 14.

The FCC gives these examples of permitted and prohibited messages for channel 9. These are only guidelines and not all-inclusive

PermittedExample Message
Yes“Tornado sighted six miles north of town.”
No“Post number 10. No tornado sighted.”
Yes“Out of gas on I-95 at mile marker 211.”
No“Out of gas in my driveway.”
Yes“Four car accident on I-94 at Exit 11. Send police and ambulance.”
No“Traffic moving smoothly on I-94.”

“Weather Bureau has issued thunderstorm warning. Bring sailboat into port.”


“Attention motorists. Weather Bureau advises snow tomorrow will accumulate 4 to 6 inches.”

Yes“Fire in building at 539 Main, Evanston.”
No“Halloween patrol number 3. All quiet.”