The use of FM CB frequencies was approved in the U.S. in 2021.  FM (Frequency Modulation) mode offers much better sound quality when communicating via radio and improves the CB experience by leaps and bounds. This is the biggest change to CB radio technology since its expansion from 23 to 40 channels in 1977!  

FM for CB's is a bit different from a traditional radio. In a car stereo, the AM stations occupy a completely different band (a specific range of frequencies in the radio frequency spectrum) than the FM stations. For a car stereo system, the FM band is located at a much higher frequency than the AM band, which contributes to improved sound quality.  FM mode for CB radios offers the best of all worlds. For CB's, FM mode operates within the same 40-channel frequency band traditionally used for AM on CB radio (26.965 – 27.405MHz).  So users can choose whether to use AM or FM for the same channels.  Note that you must have an FM compatible CB/hardware to benefit from the addition of FM mode.

To make matters even better, the equipment needed to use FM for CB is affordable, compatible with existing CB setups/installations, and it offers the best available sound quality due to the "capture effect," meaning that one strong signal is selected, and other signals are suppressed.   It's a win-win for CB users everywhere!

For an example of how this exciting new technology benefits you, click HERE.