Typically, set up and connection is quick and easy.   If the app does not see your device, there are a few things to try/consider.

  • First, try again, making sure to follow this process: Power on your device.  Next, open the Drive Smarter app and try to add the device under a vehicle.  If the app scans for the device and cannot find it, proceed to the next step.
  • If your device was previously connected to Drive Smarter running on a different smartphone, it cannot be scanned and added by your current phone. To remedy this: on the other/previous smartphone, go into Drive Smarter and delete the device from the setup (under Vehicle, click edit, then delete) and also unpair the device in Bluetooth Settings on that phone.
  • Close the app and unplug the device. Restart the phone.
  • One complete, retry the set up process again in Drive Smarter on the new phone (Plug in the device, open the app, add the device to a vehicle).

If problems persist, please contact us for further assistance.    https://www.cobra.com/pages/contact-us

Thank you!

Cedar Support