It is extremely difficult to maintain accurate information on radar use in other countries. Not only is it difficult to determine the frequencies in use, but even more difficult is determining when changes occur. It is almost impossible to maintain up-to-date information on all the changes that occur throughout the world. For this reason, any Cobra radar detectors used outside the United States are sold "as-is", with no guarantee of compatibility with radar systems in the destination country. Compatibility has been verified for use only within the United States and Canada. Following are the frequency bands for Cobra radar detectors. We recommend that you try to determine the frequencies in use in your country, to verify that they fall within our range of detection. X Band: 10.475 to 10.575 gigahertz Ku Band: 13.4 to 13.47 gigahertz K Band: 24.00 to 24.25 gigahertz Ka Band: 33.4 to 36.0 gigahertz Laser: 860 to 960 nanometers Note: All models have the X, K, Ka, and Laser bands. Only some models support the Ku Band.