Weather Alert is a feature that alerts you of a weather emergency.  Here is how it works:

If the National Weather Service identifies a weather emergency (tornado, heavy thunderstorms, etc.) then they will transmit a special tone which is recognized by any Cobra CB radio that is equipped with Weather Alert. The CB radio sounds an alarm to warn of the danger.  It will sound the alarm even if you are talking on CB channels or even if the radio is turned off (as long as the red power lead still has voltage).  Upon hearing the alarm, turn on the weather channel and listen to the broadcast.

If you want to disable Weather Alert, simply turn the weather knob to the "OFF" or '0' position.  If your weather knob does not have an off position, switch to a weather channel where there is no active broadcast.

If you DO want the Weather Alert to work, make sure the weather knob is tuned to a live weather channel.