This can be tricky because different manufacturers use different wiring schemes. Therefore, we can only provide general recommendations.


Your Cobra radio comes with a cable for connecting a GPS. One end of the cable has a connector for plugging into the back of the radio. The other end has bare wires for connecting to a GPS.


If your GPS does not have a cable, then you must purchase a cable from the GPS manufacturer. You will also need wiring information for the cable (what each wire is for). Please contact the GPS manufacturer.


Generally, here is how to connect:


  1. Connect the GROUND wire (or NEGATIVE wire) on the GPS to the BLACK wire from the Cobra marine radio.


        2. Connect the DATA OUT wire on the GPS to the RED wire from the Cobra marine radio.


        3. Configure the GPS

  • Check the manual for your GPS and see if it is necessary to enable the NMEA output.
  • If the type of output sentence is selectable, please choose "RMC".
  • Make sure that the NMEA output is configured to send standard NMEA sentences (not some kind of proprietary format).


When connected properly you will see GPS coordinates on the display of the marine radio. If you do not, then try switching the wires around (you will not hurt anything by doing so).