The MMSI number identifies you and your vessel. You must register to get an MMSI number. There is no charge. You cannot send any DSC messages until you program an MMSI number into your marine radio.


You can get a user MMSI number from several sources:


To Enter the MMSI number into your radio:

See page 48 of the MRF55 manual, or page 50 of the MRF75 manual.

  1. Press and hold the CALL/SET button until the radio enters the setup menu.
  2. Press the channel buttons to get to USER MMSI, then press CALL/SET.
  3. Now enter the 9-digit MMSI number. Use the channel buttons to select the number, then press CALL/SET to move to the next digit. You can press the HI/LO button to backspace.
  4. After entering the last digit, press and hold CALL/SET until you pop back to the setup menu. Then press 16/9 to exit the setup menu.


You only have 2 chances to enter the user MMSI number!


The MMSI number is very important, critical for identifying your vessel. This is especially true if you ever make a distress call. Because of the critical nature, you have only 2 chances to enter the MMSI number. This limitation is imposed on all DSC radios, to prevent constant changes and the resulting possibility of errors.  If you try to enter the MMSI number a 3rd time, it will not let you. If this happens it will be necessary to send the radio to Cobra to clear the memory. Per regulations, this MUST be done at the factory.


  • If you want to send messages to individual boaters, you must enter their MMSI numbers into the Individual Directory in your radio. This is accessed in the Setup Menu.


  • If you want to participate in messaging for group activities (yacht clubs, special events, etc.) then you must enter a Group MMSI number in the Setup Menu.