Based upon inspection of your radio, we have determined that a fuse larger than the recommended size was used.  Using a larger fuse can cause severe internal damage and void the warranty.


There are 3 main reasons why a fuse would continue to blow:


  1. The power leads are connected backwards.
  2. The vehicle has a positive-ground electrical system.  This applies to all models except the 21, 25, 29, and 148 (these models are compatible with positive-ground).
  3. An internal malfunction inside the radio.


If you have verified that the wiring is OK and the fuse continues to blow, then there is a defective part inside the radio.  Using a larger fuse will NOT solve the problem.  A larger fuse will cause excessive current to flow into the radio, causing circuit traces to burn.  When the circuit traces burn, the radio is no longer repairable.  A radio that may have been easily repaired is now totally unrepairable.  In addition, using a larger fuse can create a fire hazard.


For these reasons, please never use a fuse larger than the recommended size:


All mobile CBs except the 148:  2 amps


All variations of the 148:  3 amps


All handheld CBs:  2 amps