Enclosed are your FRS radio(s).  The malfunction was caused by low batteries.  After new batteries were installed, no malfunctions were observed.


Often when the batteries get low, a radio will develop intermittent static or transmit/receive problems.  A common symptom is distorted audio when receiving.  Also, the radio can suddenly turn off when transmitting or receiving.   Sometimes these symptoms can develop before the low battery warning.  If a similar malfunction occurs again in the future, please try replacing the batteries.


It is important to replace all batteries at the same time.  Do not mix new batteries with old batteries.  Be sure to use alkaline batteries.  Avoid Eveready Energizer batteries, because the negative side is dished and might not make proper contact in the battery compartment.


Similar symptoms can occur if one or more battery is inserted backwards.  If you observe any malfunctions after installing fresh batteries, remove the batteries and re-install them.  Pay careful attention to the battery polarities marked in the battery compartment.



Operation of the “Low Battery” indicator


The only practical way of monitoring battery condition is by monitoring the battery voltage.   If the voltage drops too low, the Low Battery indicator is displayed.  The “catch” is that the voltage of a low battery only drops under load.  If you just measure the voltage of a low battery, the voltage still looks good.   But if you place a load on the battery (such as transmitting or receiving), the voltage suddenly drops.   With a new battery the voltage only drops a little under load.  With a worn-out battery, the voltage drops a lot.


Your FRS radios have a built-in “power saver” feature.  When you are not transmitting or receiving, there is very little load on the batteries.  With such a little load it is difficult to determine the true condition of the batteries.   When you transmit or receive, a load is placed on the batteries and the battery indicator will display the true condition of the batteries.  For this reason, it is best to view the battery condition while you are transmitting or receiving.