Power inverters can create radio noise, which is normal. If you experience a noise problem, here is what you can do to minimize interference:


  • Connect a #12 wire from the ground lug on the inverter to the chassis of the vehicle. Keep the wire as short as possible.


  • If there is still interference, check whether the interference goes away when nothing is plugged into the inverter:


  1. Unplug everything from the inverter. Nothing should be plugged into the AC outlets, not even an extension cord or power strip.
  2. Turn on the inverter and see if you still hear the noise.


If you no longer hear the noise, then an AC line filter should help. Tripp-Lite ULTRABLOK428 is recommended. This filter plugs directly into the outlet on the inverter. DO NOT use an extension cord between the filter and the inverter. 


Most likely you will not find the ULTRABLOCK428 at local stores, but you can find it available for order over the internet.