WARNING: Although every effort is made to keep these instructions current, improvements in design may result in a radio that does not match these instructions. Carefully compare your radio to any accompanying diagrams. If your radio matches the diagram then you can be reasonably sure these are the correct instructions. If your radio does not match the diagram, then please do not proceed.




PLEASE read through these instructions before starting. Assess you ability to perform the modification. If you do not feel confident, or if the instructions are not clear, please do not proceed. Once you begin, the warranty is void!


NOTE: This modification will eliminate the beep that occurs when a button is pressed. Additionally, the radio will no longer play a tune when it is turned on.


NOTE: A small soldering iron is required to remove the appropriate capacitor.


  1. Remove the belt clip and the battery door.
  2. Unscrew the 2 screws near the belt clip and the 2 screws inside the battery compartment.
  3. Squeeze the sides of the radio and pull it apart. Do not lose the pin for the wrist strap.
  4. Do not unscrew any screws inside the radio. Just lift up on the bottom of the circuit board, pulling it away from the front case. You will have to pull the plastic away from the jacks on the side of the radio as you lift up the circuit board. Pull the circuit board away from the front case. The front case should now be separate.
  5. There is a circuit board on the front case, above the speaker. The circuit board is held in place by 4 screws. Look at the screw in the lower left-hand corner. There should be a small surface-mount capacitor just above the screw. It should say C307 next to the capacitor. See the image on page 2.
  6. Use a small soldering iron to remove C307.
  7. Re-assemble the radio in reverse order of disassembly. Be careful to line up the 2 connectors when installing the front case. First be sure to insert the microphone into the hole near the lower-left side of the speaker.