The 29 LTD (and variants) have an antenna warning on the front panel as described below:


  • On the 29 LX and the 29 LX LE, it will actually say “Antenna Warning” on the display
  • On all other models there is an antenna light that is labeled “ANT”


The antenna warning should only come on if the SWR is over 3. If the antenna warning comes on when the SWR is below 3, then the antenna warning needs to be adjusted.


This document describes how to adjust the antenna warning.

STEP 1: Unscrew the bottom cover

STEP 2: Remove the bottom cover

Important note if your radio has Bluetooth

There is a USB circuit board that must be moved in order to gain access to the antenna warning adjustment. The USB circuit board is located next to where the power cord connects to the radio. See the picture below. There are 2 screws which mount the board.


  1. Unplug the power cord.
  2. Unscrew the 2 screws. One of the screws has a fiber washer, be careful not to lose the washer.
  3. Move the board aside.
  4. After moving the board aside, put some paper under it so that it does not touch anything and short-out.
  5. Reconnect the power cord.
  6. Complete the adjustment procedure on the next page.


After you are all done, unplug the power cord and then screw the USB circuit board back into position. Be sure to install the fiber washer in the correct location -- see below picture.

STEP 3: Adjust VR6

NOTES: Different versions of the 29 may look slightly different than the below picture, however the location of VR6 will still be the same as shown. Use a small slotted screwdriver to turn VR6. To avoid damaging VR6, please turn gently!

If you find that your 29LX radio does not have VR6, it is a newer version of the unit. Please skip the instructions directly below and move to the "VSWR alignment" section further below.

VSWR Alignment - If your 29LX does not have VR6 shown in the image above:

VSWR alignment procedure

1. Connect an exact 50 Ohm Load to the antenna port.         

2. Enter DUT Test Mode by pressing the main control knob while inserting the power cable (once the cable is inserted release the knob). 

3. Set SWR/CAL/S/RF to CAL.  

4. With no Modulation, Press PTT and adjust RT7 and RT5 so that VF and VR on the display equal 777 (+/- 3%)

If you are not comfortable with following the instructions above yourself, you are encouraged to take these instructions to a local CB technician for in-person assistance.