Most trucks typically have a 12 Volt connection inside over-head console. 

Some trucks have a 12 Volt connection on top of the dashboard. 


  1. Connect the RED (Positive) wire to the RED (Positive) post. 
  2. Connect the BLACK (Negative) wire to the BLACK (Negative) post 
  3. Hold the radio with the mounting bracket in the exact desired location.  
  4. Plug the power cable into the back of the radio marked “Power”. Be sure to observe polarity markings. 
  5. Connect the antenna connector to the back of the radio. 
  6. Connect the microphone to the front of the radio. 
  7. Turn power to the radio. 

(If the microphone is not connected, audio will not be heard at the speaker) 


Be sure the antenna is properly connected to the radio before transmitting.  Prolonged transmitting without an antenna, or poorly matched antenna, could cause damage to the radio.  

Calibrate the antenna per instructions in owner’s manual “Calibrate for SWR (Standing Wave Ratio). 

Turn the volume up, and turn the squelch knob counter-clockwise to hear audio or white noise.